In Kung-Fu High Impact the hero is you! You can fight against enemies of all types, including your friends!

In fact, in the "Custom Fight" mode you can choose the "Multiplayer" option to give life to thrilling fights against adversaries controlled by other players. All you need is an Xbox 360 controller for each player you want to challenge (with a maximum of 4 adversaries controlled by the controller). Your friends only have to select the character they want to control in the game and prepare to fight the hero, the Kung-Fu master…you! In Kung-Fu High Impact multiplayer mode you will be alone against your friends: a challenge worthy of you! Review

score 8/10 (gameplay 8,9/10)
"Kung-Fu: High Impact deserves to be part of every Kinect collection"

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Game modes

In Kung-Fu High Impact the fun never ends! The Kung-Fu master inside you will always find new challenges to face.

The main game mode is the "Story" mode. In this mode you are the protagonist (that is, the hero) of a comic strip that will follow you through 15 chapters full of excitement and battles! You can select the level of difficulty and indicate your sex. At the beginning of each chapter you will pose, following the game hints, to see your image inserted into the comic strip that narrates your story!

The battles you will face in Kung-Fu High Impact are virtually infinite, thanks to the "Custom Fight" mode. You can choose your enemies as well as the battleground to test your abilities in challenges in which the only limit is your own power. How many enemy waves will you be able to defeat before you succumb?

Special moves

In Kung-Fu High Impact the hero is you! Thanks to Kinect technology you will be transported into a spectacular, comic-book style world full of dangers and enemies to challenge with Kung-Fu moves.

The punches, hits and kicks you perform in reality will be copied by your image inside the game world, giving life to the most spectacular fights you've ever had! Hitting your target with consecutive attacks creates incredible combos that will have a devastating effect on your enemies. But don't forget that a Kung-Fu master also knows when it's the right time for defense. So keep your eyes open to block your adversary's attacks too!

All of the real Kung-Fu masters you admire also have secret weapons: incredible punches that take their adversaries by surprise, special moves that can suddenly change the outcome of a battle, superhuman abilities with devastating effects! In Kung-Fu High Impact you will discover you have special powers you never imagined you had. After all you are the hero of the game!

As your adventure unfolds you will unlock your new powers, but be careful when you use them. They consume your precious Chi energy. This takes a long time and a lot of hits to your enemies to regenerate. Here are some of the special powers most exercised in Kung-Fu gyms:

Power Punch
A "double" punch, done with both fists. Useful for fast attacks, capable of reaching the most distant enemies.

If you jump and as you land you hit the ground with your fist what will happen? Easy, you will cause an earthquake that will surprise any circling enemies!

Time Stop
Do you have too many enemies around you? The best solution is to slow down time to deal with them as you like!

What's better than a well placed lightning bolt to block the most insistent enemy attacks, or to eliminate distant enemies?

Magic Bow
Some Kung-Fu masters have an answer to the question above: to eliminate enemies far away there's nothing better than a powerful magic bow.

In Kung-Fu High Impact the hero is you: will you be able to master your new special powers?

Kung-Fu High Impact: Achievements

Are you looking for a challenge worthy of the Kung-Fu master inside you? Do you want to prove to your friends and to yourself how powerful the spirit of Kung-Fu is that runs through your veins?
Unlock all the Kung-Fu High Impact Achievements: this is a challenge worthy of a true hero, a challenge worthy of you!

Rough Awakening
Wake up from a terrible nightmare in Chapter 1: Fears Half Forgotten.

Close all cargo containers in Chapter 2: Trouble at the Docks.

Workplace Safety
Defeat the threat against your workplace in Chapter 3: Heck Breaks Loose.

Prevent a mystic artifact from being stolen in Chapter 4: Helmet Blunder.

Visit a picturesque temple and live to tell the tale in Chapter 5: Eye of the Dragon.

Survive the hostile fauna in Chapter 6: Crossroads.

A Million Volts
Cause enough havoc to escape danger in Chapter 7: Jungle Boogie.

Swamp Thing
Survive the swamp horrors in Chapter 8: A Helping Wing.

Nothing To See Here
Clear monstrous squatters from the ruins in Chapter 9: Big, Bad and Ugly.

Defeat a horde of minions in Chapter 10: The New Boss in Town.

Live to Fight Another Day
Survive your first encounter with a dangerous foe in Chapter 11: Blazing Guns.

Return a forgotten memory to its sleeping place in Chapter 12: A Shadow from the Past.

Clean up a horde of monsters in Chapter 13: The Great Escape.

All in a Day's Work
Save the world in Chapter 14: The Hordes of Doom.

Blue Belt
Defeat 100 enemies.

Red Belt
Defeat 200 enemies.

Black Belt
Defeat 400 enemies.

Reach round 7 in Survival: Horde

Reach round 7 in Survival: Darkness.

Reach round 7 in Survival: Shadow Warriors.

Reach round 7 in Survival: Masked Warriors.

Extreme Survivalist
Reach round 21 in Survival: Horde.

Damage four or more enemies with a single Ground Shaker.

Finish off three or more enemies using Lightning in one fight.

Power Punisher
Hit an enemy from behind with Power Punch.

Air Superiority
Hit a flying enemy with Power Punch.

Slo-Mo Master
Deal damage six times during a single Time Stop.

Use the Magic Bow to hit an enemy that is over 30 meters away.

William Tell
Score five consecutive hits using the Magic Bow.

Artful Dodger
In a single fight, perform a dodge, duck, flip dodge, backflip dodge and jump dodge.

Perfect Style
Reach 100% style in a single fight by using a varied combination of attacks, dodges, combos, super powers, jump attacks and air attacks.

Nick of Time
Block an attack when you have less than 10% health remaining.

Fight Marathon
Defeat 100 or more enemies during a single fight.

Shoot a Giant in the head with the Magic Bow.

In Chapter 4: Helmet Blunder, defeat the Shadow Guard without using Ground Shaker.

And Stay Down!
Finish off a Giant by bringing one down to its knees, then using Ground Shaker on its back.

Pick on Someone Your Own Size
Finish off a Giant while giant-sized yourself.

Hit an Armored Inkling while Mega Damage is active.

Shoot 100 or more arrows with the Magic Bow during one fight.

For 3 minutes, avoid hitting and getting hit by enemies for 3 minutes in Chapter 2: Trouble at the Docks.

Kung-Fu Party!
Complete a multiplayer fight against 3 or more players controlling enemies.

Fast as Lightning
Complete a Mayhem Designer fight against a total of 6 or more enemies with a time scale of 150%.

Win a single fight without touching any enemies yourself.

Hit an enemy while zapping a different enemy with Lightning.

Double Black Belt of Awesomeness
Acquire all other achievements.

The technology behind the game

In Kung-Fu High Impact, thanks to Kinect technology, you are projected directly into the game world, ready to do battle with Kung-Fu moves!

Kung-Fu High Impact takes full advantage of the possibilities offered by Kinect and emphasizes both its incredible sophistication as well as its simplicity of use: you only have to turn on the console, place yourself in front of Kinect and start to play without worrying about lighting or friends standing beside you making competing moves or even how you are dressed (obviously, we recommend everyone wear clothing appropriate for an expert master of the noble art of Kung-Fu).

In Fact, Kinect technology can perfectly recognize a player’s body, optimally reproducing it inside the game without interference from your surroundings (your living room or your own personal Kung-Fu gym): the structure of your body and your own silhouette are scanned and rendered on screen in real time, integrated naturally inside the game world. In Kung-Fu High Impact you will have full freedom of movement, and you will be able to do battle in any style you prefer!

If you find yourself in trouble, you can use your secret weapon...or weapons! Thanks to Kinect technology, you can use any object you have on hand as a weapon inside the game! Your favorite book could become the perfect secret weapon. Or even a handbag! Hitting your enemies repeatedly with… an umbrella can be highly amusing. Just try it and see! What other weapons can you invent? Prepare to fight!

Play in your own style: become an expert hero of Kung-Fu!

Unleash the Kung-Fu master inside you. Your moment has arrived!

In Kung-Fu High Impact the hero really is you, thanks to Kinect technology. Your own image is even projected into the game world to challenge first hand all types of enemies and danger in a fantastic adventure that is half comic book, half cartoon! Are you ready to show your friends that, for you, Kung-Fu is no mystery? Whatever your answer, keep your guard up!

In Kung-Fu High Impact fighting is intuitive because every Kung-Fu move you make in reality – even the most extreme – is immediately replicated inside the game: make a fist, extend your arm and watch your enemy be blown away by the force of your impact! But that’s not all! If you love devastation, this is the game for you. In reality you probably aren’t able to jump as high as a building or make the earth shake… but in Kung-Fu High Impact you can! It’s up to you alone to discover how the adventure unfolds and to unlock a series of incredible special powers (and show them off to your friends).

Every battle in Kung-Fu High Impact, from beginning to end, has only one protagonist – you! At the beginning of each level you need to strike a pose and make a face (following the game hints) to have your picture taken. These pictures get inserted in a comic strip in 2.5 D (two and a half dimensions!) that narrates the unfolding adventure, putting you literally at the center of the action. So get serious and unleash the Kung-Fu power inside you (remember that all true Kung-Fu masters want to look good in pictures too!).

You have to show you have style, your own style. Will you be a fearsome fighter in slippers and pajamas? Will you face your enemies with a black belt (or purple or red, or even white)? Will you do battle with ease in a more casual style? It’s your choice. You are the true hero of Kung-Fu High Impact!

post scriptum: Kung-Fu High Impact technology can make you extremely fit - just by playing a videogame. Any resulting six packs are unintentional.

Kung-Fu High Impact presented at Gamescom!

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KUNG-FU - High Impact-preview at Gamescom!

August 16th, 2011: Kung-Fu High Impact is a full-body motion fighting adventure that uses Kinect to scan YOU inside the game to fight the baddies with real kicks and punches. Become the hero, kick some serious ass and control super-human abilities to wreak havoc and pummel your enemies into oblivion.

The title will be available worldwide in November 2011 and will be published by Black Bean Games across the PAL territories and by UTV Ignition Games in the Americas.